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Monday 7th November to Tuesday 8th November 2016 at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire

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The November 2016 meeting returns to Wyboston Lakes. It will commence with lunch at 12.30pm on the Monday and will finish at around 3:30pm on the Tuesday.

Young Engineer Sponsorship: The ARMMS RF & Microwave Society offers sponsorship to young engineers (28 or below) who have papers accepted for presentation. Sponsorship is £100 cash plus free attendance (including conference dinner and overnight accommodation). Potential candidates should identify themselves as eligible at time of submission and state their date of birth. This offer is limited to a maximum of 2 places per meeting.

Best Paper Award: The Steve Evans-Pughe prize is awarded to the best presenter at each meeting. The award is £200 for the best paper and £50 for the runner-up. The prize is sponsored by NI.

If you are interested in submitting a paper for presentation at this conference, please contact the technical coordinator (details below). Papers currently listed below are those already accepted. The deadline for submissions is September 19th. For all other enquiries please email


Wyboston Lakes
Great North Road
MK44 3AL

Tel0333 7007 667


Chris Watts

Tel+44 (0)1460 256 122


An Overview of WLAN: System Requirements and Practical Devices for Mobile WiFi

Dr Apostolos Samelis

An X-band GaN PA MMIC for Phased Array Radar Applications

Liam Devlin and Stuart Glynn
Plextek RFI

Active phased array radars require numerous Power Amplifiers (PAs), which must be small, efficient and low-cost. This paper describes an X-band PA MMIC that covers 9 to 11.5GHz and satisfies these requirements. It has an output power of 7W (38.5dBm) from a 29dBm drive with a Power Added Efficiency (PAE) of 42%. The design was realized on the 0.25µm gate length GaN on SiC process of UMS (GH25) using Keysight’s ADS 2015.  The die size is just 1.5mm x 2mm, which means that around 2,300 PAs can be fabricated on a single 4” diameter wafer.

Assessing the RF Performance of Medical Implant Antennas

Yomna El-Saboni
University of Belfast

High Power GaN Amplifier for High Efficiency Applications

Avtar Virdee, Bal Virdee, Kafil Ahmed
Microwave Technology Ltd

The design and measured results of a single stage S-Band high-efficiency GaN-HEMT power amplifier is presented that uses Class-F harmonic processing technique to shape the current and voltage waveforms to improve the amplifiers efficiency performance. The GaN-HEMT device employed is a commercial off the shelf device that is designed for high voltage operation. The fabricated GaN-HEMT power amplifier operating under continuous wave mode achieved a nominal gain of 18 dB with an output power of 130 Watts, a drain efficiency of 73%, and power added efficiency (PAE) of 64% across 2.35 to 2.55 GHz.

Measuring Electro-luminescence and Photosensitivity of Trap Sites in GaN Devices

M.A.Casbon, T. Brazzini, P. J. Tasker, M. Uren, M. Kuball
University of Cardiff

Here we present a system allowing simultaneous measurement of the RF and optical behaviour of on-wafer devices, which permits  Fully Active Harmonic Load-Pull techniques to be employed while either observing optical phenomena such as Electroluminescence, or applying optical stimuli for trapping investigations. Full access to the backside of the wafer is achieved, allowing measurements on devices with source coupled field plates or air bridges, which normally obscure the gate region. Electroluminescence can be observed with an ultra-low light camera or a spectrometer. Previously it has been shown that traps in GaN devices can react to light at 385nm, here the wavelength sensitivity is investigated.  The test device was a GaN on silicon carbide HFET.

State of the Art Gyrotron Simulations and Features Needed to Make Them

Jonathan Smith
Tech-X UK

The Design of High Performance L-band GaN PAs Using Commercially Available Discrete Transistors

Robert Smith
Plextek RFI

This paper describes the design and evaluation of a four different single stage L-Band GaN Power Amplifiers (PAs) using commercially available, low-cost packaged transistors. Two of the transistors are housed in SMT plastic packages and two in metal-based ceramic packages. The transistors are commercially available parts from Qorvo realised on a high voltage 0.25 µm GaN process. All four amplifiers have been optimised for the 0.96 to 1.215 GHz band and are designed to operate in CW or pulsed mode. The plastic packaged parts offer output powers of 11 W and 14 W with corresponding PAEs of 65% and 55%. The ceramic packaged parts offer higher output power levels of 59 W and 125 W with PAEs of 60% and 70% respectively. This paper describes the design, realisation and measurement of the four PAs, which demonstrate high performance using cost-effective commercially available transistors.

The Inverted E: A Doubly-shorted F Antenna for Near-field Sensing Applications

Oliver Collis
Sylatech Ltd

The RF Modelling of a Ku-band Multi-port Amplifier

Peter James
Airbus Defence and Space (UK) Ltd

The object of this paper is to describe the RF modelling of a Ku-band MPA. This has been performed to compare against the measured results of an MPA demonstrator that has been designed, constructed and tested at Airbus. It will describe the modelling process and show some predicted and measured results. The model may then be used for predictions in the future prior to the construction and measurement of a real flight MPA. In addition it becomes a generic model from which future models may be based upon.


Companies booking two or more delegate places are able to take part in the commercial exhibition that accompanies the conference. Please note: there is a maximum of 20 exhibition tables at each meeting, these are offered on a first come basis. Booking two delegate places does not guarantee an exhibition space, please email to check availability and reserve and exhibition space.


The Society would like to thank National Instruments for sponsoring the November 2016 meeting:



Contributions are invited with an emphasis on RF and microwave design, research, testing and associated subjects. An oral presentation will be made at the meeting and a written paper will be required for publication in the society digest, which is distributed to delegates at the meeting. Prospective speakers are requested to submit a title and a short abstract to the technical coordinator (see above) as soon as possible.

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